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The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online with Sales Funnels

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The Underground Playbook for Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice

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The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers

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Why I Want Dotcom Secrets Book?

This Book is not about author’s back story not about his failures and also not about his achievements…

This Book is about YOU ūüôā¬†

For your online business

For Building your Email list Very attractive

For creating your funnel/ website very simple and max profitable for you.

This Book is About your Buyers Journey. Russell give us the path of our buyers journey which means buyers journey is in our hand where we want to give them we can! If we want to give them Product per Product at one place we can (also with effective way)this is cool right? 

You See also some technical terms which you don’t know 100% or if you know that thing then i bet you that you know the basics of that fundamentals but you don’t know¬† how to do that…

in this book you see Value Ladder, Funnels, Email Sequences 

This Book is About your professional Growth. The Only Three types of Traffic, Attractive Character, The 7 Phase of a Funnel, front vs backend Funnels, Best Bait, The Power of webinars and more…¬†¬†

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Why I Want Expert Secrets Book?

This book is not for every one. this book is only for them who read Dotcom secrets First. Why i am saying this line?

i am saying this line because i read this all books and find something unique that i don’t know before…

i start reading Expert Secrets Book First But at the 3rd secret i get little bit confused because i read some lines that i don’t know at that time and i went Dotcom Secrets to find what is that line means?

i found it but after reading that line i think about it and start my reading from scratch with Dotcom secrets…

i not down many words that i don’t no (because English is my 3rd language:) . after reading Dotcom Secrets i start my Expert Secrets Book. at this time i found that i am very connect with the content of that book (content in this book is Quite hard to know but easy to think if we read Dotcom secret First).

I only Recommend you this book if you read  First Dotcom Secret Then Come to it.

This Book is all about leadership, Creating Mass Movement, also use of Funnels as usual and this book is something more about i don’t tell you about this thing (sorry for that but its some technical things which i write it down but you don’t understand) so my request is that go and Read it¬†

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Why I Want Traffic Secrets Book?

This All 3 Books are Combined with each others. so i request you to Read all book as Sequence of Dotcom secrets –> Expert Secrets –> Traffic Secrets.

The Reason is i don’t wan’t you to give the 3 books that you don’t understand. Follow the Sequence for better Effective Knowledge.

Now Coming up to the topic

This Book is All About Traffic Only. Here The Traffic Means¬† not about vehicles traffic in online internet field the word “TRAFFIC” Means People, Numbers of People, who visit your Website or Funnels or in your Emails.

As You know that the maximum people visits the maximum sales/ profit you get.

The Best thing of this book is This Book is Today also The Best Seller Book (also Best seller author)¬† Russell’s all books are something about professional Growth. but this book is about only Traffic so this book name is also TRAFFIC SECRETS.

   Russsell Give us the Super power of online marketing through this book. 

Many people Say that this Book is the Bible of Online Marketing.

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He give you all this 3+1 Unlock the secrets book at the same Place. which means you only pay one time shipping cost of all that books, so you can save your some bugs…

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Now How To Grab That Deal???

SO here is your path you will go to the Dotcom secrets landing page then fill your details and also your credit or debit card details and then if you like to add audio book also then check the button shows in your check list, if not then don’t check it if you want to also get dotcom secrets live event reply then tick your 2nd check list if not then forgot it. just place an order (don’t worry your order is not placed at a time) you get some extra bonus in it so the bonus that you wait for

So Now you see the new page which gives you BOX SET (in this box you get this all 3 books + Unlock The Secrets Work Book)

Just Click The Add Button and Remove your Old Purchases so you will get your 3+1 Book At a single time with 1 time shipping cost.


Disclaimer: The product here I recommend  you are all my affiliate links, so I will earn a small amount of money from your purchase. But I only recommend you the best product that I am using personally.


First i Thank YOU to Read this all stuff. and if you don’t watch this video then please watch this video NOW, it’s give you better Knowledge about this all books.¬†

My First Request to all of you is that read this all books Sequence Wise 

Dotcom secrets –> Expert Secrets –> Traffic Secrets.

would i buy this books? or some on of this book?

if this Question is appears in your mind then don’t buy all that books at a time just go with FIRST Dotcom Secrets. Just BUY ONE BOOK Which is “DOTCOM SECRETS”


Because all this books are like one web-series if you don’t see 1st season then you don’t get proper knowledge about the next season. here is also the same rule apply.

If you Skip One Of this Book Then You Get The Knowledge about that book but you don’t apply this all books(Bibles of the Marketing as per my opinion) Then You Bleeding Your Business By Yourself.¬†

This Books are only for that people who are in the field of online business, Drop shipping business, Affiliate, Digital marketing, social media marketing, and what you want to be… in that field also, moral of that talk is these all books are for Everyone who want to create/ Grow their business.¬†