How You Can Become A Successful Numerology Coach & Start Earning From Your Consultations As "Trained Professional Numerologist"

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12th July 2023

8:33 PM IST

Host: Chaitanyaa Missra

(Professional Numerologist & the Founder of Talking Nummbers)

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Modules Breakdown Of The 4 Days Live Course

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In short, you get everything that helps you kickstart your career as a Professional Numerologist & monetize it way easy…

Meet Your Host:

Chaitanyaa Missra

Chaitanyaa Missra had a keen interest in the occult for the last 12 years and has been instrumental in the field of numerology since 2010.

He was awarded the Best ‘International Excellence award 2022’ by Sonu Sood in the field of Vastu & Numerology for Consultation & Teaching.

Over the years, he has been successful in improving the quality of life of his clients using Occult Science, Numerology, Vastu, & Tarot let it be career, finance, health, marriage, or partnership he has everything solved for you.

Chaitanyaa has his personal research on numbers that makes him stand out from the crowd and has generated outstanding results for his clients so far.

He believes that anyone can learn this skill & build a successful career around it. Thereafter he started teaching Numerology to people & helping them become professional numerologists & make a living out of it.

This 4 Days Live course is prepared in a way to teach you concepts of numerology & transform you into a numerologist by the end of the course.

Meet Your Host: