Friend who doesn’t expect anything from me but is ready to spend all on me when it needed

Helin Patel

In my life, there is just one friend I can say is truly my best friend.

we call him by love “Bhajiya”

the best quality about him is he is everyone’s best friend. he wants to spend all of his on his friends.

but in my case, I am not everyone’s best friend, I am a choosy person. so I just had one best friend. yup, I love to make friends, love to talk, in person, on trips, and in-class everywhere and ya don’t like to chat on social media (it’s not giving me a feeling of real friendship) so I don’t talk much on social media with my friends.

ok now on topic Best friend.

Friends came with expectations.

best friends don’t come with expectations.

that’s the difference.


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