On Day 1 I used my phone for 5 hr 38 mins.

this is not a good number but last week my daily usage of my phone is around 8 to 9hr a day. some days more than 11hrs.

you can say I spent 2 Complete Days on my mobile this past week.

this week it’s good that I reduced it to 40% but a lot more coming.

also did the first 4 tasks well

Reached 4 people not cracked the other 6 but from 0 to 4 it’s also a good number that I can say, not happy with the numbers as expected but ya it’s day 1, making momentum.

NPCC’s Website is completely delayed today.

no progress just added an SEO for the home page.

Now Come to the Day 2:

there is a little operation of my Uncle so I will be over there for some time so a main day will start after 3 pm

Task 1: Bhagavad Geeta and Hanuman Chalisa Read. and 10min meditation (3 pm to 4 pm)

Task 2: Reach out to 10 new People from LinkedIn (4 pm to 6 pm)

Task 3: Clicking the images of the products ( 6 pm to 7 pm)

Task 4: Adding images and SEO on NPCC’s Website (7 pm to 10 pm)

Task 5: Udemy learning (10 pm to 1 am)

Task 6: writing a blog ( 1 am to 1:30 am)

Honestly, I know my potential and I am not happy with today’s performance of mine.

I will improve myself day by day.

you can also note it from seeing my blogs

on day 1 it’s not even 10 sentences and today it’s 2,3 min read

so ya

things take time.

we better stick to it, it’s maters

Helin Patel

I am adding quotes in most of my blogs! Why?

the answer is simple, I am not doing it for a month, my plan is to take my personal brand till the day I breathe for the last time.

and also I want people to use my words, it’s fascinating honestly that I use somewhere quotes from someone. I want also to be famous so that people can use my words.

and I will make sure it happened.

Secret path of mine…

That I didn’t tell anyone…

I will focus more on fame than money.

Because I know the value of Fame, the value of connecting people.

I am making money, and will make money for sure, but let me say my path

1st is the service business that I am doing right now

then after that, I will automate it, and jump on Gaming and podcasting more.

then with all of that, I will start travelling with my partner on the 27 or 28th age.

I am 22 years old right now

and it’s a 6 to 7year plan

I don’t know about my 30s

maybe I’ll more focus on staying at home and doing work then or jump into real estate. but who knows?

I am prepared for my 20s. 2year grind kiya aab kamai karenge.

aalash kam karenge

or mehnat jyada karenge.

Target is $20,000 before 15 March 2023

and it’s just 1 and a half months remaining. so make sure Helin to beat your goal


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