Extrovert with Closed Friends but Introvert at Just Friends.

We Behave Differently infront of Different people.

We set the boundries for each person we met or not met in life.

Helin Patel

I went today to Friends House for PaniPuri Party.

From That group, I know most of them for the past 4,5 years but I don’t know why I can’t able to adapt to that relationship fluently.

I always create some barriers at it. though we met for no profit no loss.

So Today I opened up a little bit and explored their friendship, and that was not a friendship that was some bond that we where sharing for a lot of years.

I was into Svadhyay Pariwar for a long time and that’s all through our relationship stability.

I learned a lot from that

Now Jump to the Main Topic

Extrovert at Closed Friends:

I am the person who does all kinds of stuff with his friends (No smoking or drinking or any other thing) we have a lot more fun and exploration together with the shutter-shaped(Big Smile) face.

But when it comes to going to normal friends:

I was that guy who sits quietly and eat what delivers

Yup, not the 100% introvert, I am kinda Middle Man of it. where I will talk but less.

I will crack jokes but less.

anything I do, in limits, whereas in front of my homies, it’s totally different case.

and maybe this is not just me, there are millions of people who think the same as me.

I want to cover that bar to improve my sales pitch.


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