Holi the Festival of Colours

It’s really a fun day today,

yesterday was a one-liner from me. and that’s not so good.

but don’t even able to wake me more yesterday at night. though the goal was not compiled well.

Yesterday I was teaching a 10th std kid Maths. it’s a quite interesting thing that I remember those concepts now!

I thought how can I teach him? but then I took the chance, initially, it went not well. don’t able to crack the sum. but after 30, to 40 mins I cracked the sum and started teaching him maths.

it’s about yesterday.


Today it’s a great day

start is superb

mid is superb

and the end of the day was too good.

Holi The Festival of colours. we address This Festival as Dhuleti.

On this day we put colour on our friends, family and people whom we like.

the max fun was from the afternoon to the evening

spent total time with friends and It went crazy…

we had lots of fun

playing so much with the colours and water balls.

that was insane fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Then we started playing in the water

did some WWE stunts in water with friends

sometimes I got baited times I bait someone, and that was fun.

Ok, now the fun part was done.

now I will again go back to work mode from tomorrow.

and start working

Tomorrows Tasks

  1. NPCC Website Launch (9 AM to 2 PM)
  2. Fiver crypto gig (2 PM to 4 PM)
  3. Book Read, Workout and Meditation (4 PM to 6 PM)
  4. NPCC Website Check ( 6 to 8:30 PM)
  5. Udemy Course or Youtube Sales Video from ashish or what! (9 to 11:45)
  6. Reach out to one Client (11:45 to 12:15)
  7. Blog Write (12:15 to 12:35)
  8. FREE


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