How Sales Funnels Can Help Dentists?

Dentists are crazy people:)

They know the funnel. they know how to get customers from $47 Service to $4997 Services in just 2,3 Months or even less.

Why I am saying this?

well, I worked with the dentist who runs Dental Clinic. She is using the proper bait, Pricing, for the Cold Leads (Audience), and the Proper roadmap for the patient who visits their clinic.

though they don’t provide wrong guidance for sure.

but you know the fun part!

In every Household of 4, there will be 1 or 2 person who needs the service of a Dentist every single month. it might be a simple Monthly/Quatarly Teeth Checkup, Teeth Whitening, Smile Makeover, Root Canal, Tooth Decay, and more. from that teeth problems dentist finds the 2 or 3 problems while doing Teeth checkups which gives the dentist nothing to earn.

but the suggestion of the dentist creates FOMO in the mind of people/ Visitors and out of 100 there will be 25-50 people who came to solve their problems.

now this time Dentist will do basic treatment for the patient for their problems, if it’s a bigger issue then it’s a different case but most of the time journey of the patient went like this or maybe a different path that you(The dentist) are using.

Ok now in this 1st treatment dentist creates a story of having a big issue in their teeth or if they can’t find any issue they will come with Smile Makeover which will be the game changer for the Dentist or maybe some other services (I am just telling what I seen and observed about the dental funnel).

Now you can see how the Roadmap for the Patient is creating/ stacking the higher prices.

from low products $47 to Basic Service or Revisit which costs around $100 to $1000 and then big problems which will cost the patient $2000 to $10000 or way more.

I don’t know everything about the Dental Funnel but this is the basic they are using at offline clinics.

This Funnel Starts with People Entering the clinic.

Now How Sales Funnels Can Help Dentists?

Sales Funnel will be the easy solution to attract more quality leads/ people directly to the main offer

Let’s take it’s Root Canal.


Dentist to Me: “I don’t want to follow the long path from a basic checkup to revisit normal treatment to the real problem.

I want to solve people’s problems directly from the start.”

now see here the process of 1 or 2 months will be more time-consuming and can attract more people to come for a normal checkup which again cost you more time.

and you (The dentist) want to save your time.

so here Funnels, and Sales Funnels can help you to reduce your time by attracting the perfect patients.

(Big Problem: by attracting particular patients we can lose basic patients who want our services.

– and to solve that we don’t just focus on one thing but to focusing on old business as well if you directly shift your brand from basic teeth regular dental checkup guy to Teath Specialist.

no one will come to you, because they know about you, they know what services you offer,

and by shifting completely to one particular solution you can harm your own clinic so badly.

so focus on both the ting not just one.)

Now to Solve Time- What Sales Funnel Can Do?

It creates trust and gives basic details and makes some FOMO in people’s eyes.

Do websites also do the same? – NO – websites just give the info of your services, whereas the funnel will act as a real you, telling your visitors what they want. just like you set a meeting with them and give them solutions for the problems that they have.

Can’t understand it till now?

let me give you ex.

again take Root Canal Service ok.

For a Root canal what you will tell people?

maybe Symptoms of a Root Canal, Disease of it, an Easy Way to solve it, or something else to educate them or to inform them + you will give them a solution to do Root canal Right?

now it’s their call if they want to do it or not.

here will also you know that people have big root canal issues but 10 out of 3 don’t want to do it. and you felt sad about them. not because of money but for the people. for their teeth.

so now what Sales Funnel Page can help with is

it will take care of all the information and educational content on the web + build trust and with attracting the niched people who actually want the service of a root canal. and by visiting your page they found all the things on their screen and they can make a decision and call you or book n appointment with you,

so when they came to your clinic now they know their problem, instead of you telling them their problems. so if you give them a solution for the problem, they have more potential to get it done as quickly as possible.

Now, in short

People visit our Page >> Book an appointment/ visit >> They Talk with you about their problem >> Root Canal Done

Now see: Visitors on Site: 1000 >> Aoopintment Booked(Who Actually Have a Problem): 50 >> 30 to 45 Root Canal Done.

So if your Root Canal service cost your Patients $700-$1,200

you will end up making $ 1,200 x 40 = $48,000 (without wasting your 100s of Hrs)

  • These numbers are not the exact numbers it’s just to give you an Idea/ the test of it.
  • It may vary according to the location where you work.

but this is the easiest explanation that I can give to anyone to understand the funnel of dentists and how funnel Designers can help them build their Sales Funnel which leads them to a good quality appointment instead of normal teeth cleaning appointments.


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