My 2023 1st Quarter Goal

$20,000 earning before 15 March 2023 from my funnel build services.

Yes, that’s my first goal of 2023 to make it a super valuable year of my life.
to make my family proud,
to make me rich.

I am providing Funnel Build service to the course creators and founders who want to make their presence super effective to their customers/ clients.

so ya that’s my goal

and for that what I am going to do?
here is the plan for my success.
(don’t know if it’s gonna work out well or not but I have to do it)

Stage 1: Getting the First project
time duration: 10 Jan to 20 Jan 2023
here I will pick one client and work for him/her for a free
(maybe Deepak also has the best fit for it, I can create a complete funnel for him and give it free to him, and adding to it, I should get a super good client)

Stage 2: Building Case study out of that client and Reachout to the same niche-based person again
reach out
time duration: 20 Jan to 31 Jan 2023
reach out to other people with the case study in the same industry and now ask for $1500 for a funnel project.

Stage 3: Repeat stage 2
Time duration: 1 Fab to 10 Fab

Stage 4: Increase The Pricing & REACHOUT
Time duration: 10 fab to 20 fab
Now charge $3000 for the same funnel build

Stage 5: Do the same thing as stage 4
Time duration: 21 fab to 3 march

Stage 6: Now, Do the highest bid
time duration: 3 march to 15 march
charge $7000 for the same funnel build

so in total
if I am getting 1st Paid client at $1500, 2nd at $ 1500, 3rd at $3000, and 4th at also $3000, and in the 6th stage $7000 client

= 1500 + 1500 + 3000 + 3000 + 7000

not at $20,000 but it will be achieved in the next stage 7: with the $7000 pricing point.


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