Notion for me is a complete Life that I want to live.

Helin Patel

Yes, it’s a great platform not just for note-taking but for so many things.
my entire future is written in my notion.
though I am not the guy who has his notion neat and clear, my notion looks like a messy bedroom.

Ok, wait did I tell you what notion actually is?
ok, read this…
A notion is productivity web software. like google docs, sheets, and all
but the use case is quite different.

Mostly people are using notion for

  1. noting things down (it’s like their virtual diary)
  2. writing daily general
  3. managing their day ( Time management)
  4. making To-DO List
    and more…

I specifically use it for noting things down ( as my virtual diary) and TO-DO List.

Great platform.
you should try this.
and you will gonna love it from day 1.

Why I love notion.
because he remembers my work. my life, my time.

I am close to this software (It’s a kind of emotional relationship as well) I look notion as my manager.


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