The series for Entrepreneurs, actually the actual name of the series is “Pitchers”

Watched till the end tonight.

I am not satisfied with the shit I am doing to my own career.
I am just carrying the load without potential.

ok now jump to Pragati it’s an AI-based app don’t know what the shit it is, series doesn’t show that. but the story behind running business

Pitching people connect.

He gave 7+ big companies pitches, Mandal might be called 1000+ influencers 5000+ times and out of that 50 might said yes to him.

Here the response rate is 10% and the success rate is 0.5% so be realistic and get epic shit done.

do the work even if results do not come your way,

If you don’t have 10,000 contacts in your phone number you are not even entered the game for success.

and I have 708 contacts till now which means not even 10% so I need to work hard.

I need to fill my excel sheet full of reds and a little bit of green.


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