Today there is a webinar for AI by SB and I attended it 30mins only but it’s quite worth it.
I have been using AI tools for the past 5,6 months so I know 80% of the tools that he was using but the information is quite good, the way he is using it is completely different from I use it.
we use it for the same reason, the same thing, same business. but both of our minds are different so there is quite a big difference between using AI at the same time.
AI will give us answers as per our preference, as per our actions to it, that was a crazy thing that I found.
before this session, I felt that if AI is one so it will give the same answers to 1000 more people who are searching for it, but today it proves that all results are based on your previous search, and on your AI tool’s experience. yes, there are different prompts that can give you access same answer paper on your friend’s device.
besides that, AI is changing the world, changing the power of thinking, now you just need to think properly and AI will save you 1hr, 10hr, 24hr, or even weeks in a min.


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