Best Time for Building yourself, the worst time for showing yourself

Helin Patel

Yes, you heard it right.
At this time you have high energy, and low responsibility. parents will say so many things about settling down, doing the job, preparing for a government job and all
but all you need to do is forget everything they just said to you. and do what you want to do. what you feel you are good at
doing it.
if you feel I am getting bored of it leave it and move to the next one.

also, this will be the hardest time for you because you are not earning some money or less money, but your goals are higher so you need to go all in to achieve your goal as fast as you can.

also now 2nd think of the quote
I said “the worst time for showing yourself”
now understand
you start making money ok, a good amount of money.
now what you will do?
buying house? or Car?
no, you no need to do anything.

showcasing yourself as a rich person is a bad idea. in your 20s people are thinking about you not making potential money.
so you have the freedom of looking poor who has his bank account filled with millions.

that’s it see you tomorrow.


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