Your dreams depend on your laziness, your dreams go away when you are with your laziness.

Helin Patel

I am a lazy guy.
I forgot my main Qatar goal. I am not even able to close one FREE Client as well
also yesterday I forgot to post content on my blog.
No one is reading my blog that I know from my stats but then also I took to write a blog post each day, no holidays.
because most of the success full people have their own blogs their personal blogs and all where they post daily content,
their content is also not read by lakhs of people there are just thousands of people who care about it.
and that’s totally ok
I am also writing this blog just to improve my writing skills.

Recently My mind is fucked up, I am again confused about what I need to do!
I planned my yearly Qatar of $20000 but I forgot my goal. I am so stupid, right?
Yes, I am.
I am thinking of making money so that my reliance friend will get a salary by 2 years down the line.
and He and She both are putting the complete days of their life.
and I am wasting my time chatting with a new girl, scrolling reels, watching YT Videos and spending my half of the day just on mobile.

This is a crazy number
I will get that number down to 4hr per day again.
let’s try for tomorrow.
I will use my phone for just 4hrs.

also start focusing on my main goal.
1 dental client funnel. for a dental implant.
build beautiful looking funnel for Mam and Course Funnel for Ramani and then went into a market with that funnel and provide the same service.


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