Chapter 2: Shiddat

This is a new chapter of my life, First one was finished with my school and college education and the next chapter is starting very soon.

2nd Chapter is all about making myself, improving my social connections/ relations, Exploring more and more things that I thought Will Work For Me! and in this face of my journey, the most difficult for me is to be passionate enough to get the perfect output that I want in the beginning.

That’s Why the Title of my Chapter 2 is SHIDDAT (Hindi Word) which means PASSION

This Title is Comes from the movie that I watched today and get too much attached to it. Basically, this is a RomCom Filme with Superb Story, Direction, and Actions.

It influenced me so much in terms of life goals and that one line for today I will share with you is…

जिस कोशिश में शिद्दत न हो वो कोशिश किस काम की ?

Jaggi (Shiddat)

English Translation:

“What is the use of effort in which there is no passion?”

When I Heard this Line From the Movie then I thought about my goals, my dreams that I am thinking about for a very long time.

I planed to share my blog on my birthday on 21st Oct but I won’t be able to write it. and after that also I tried so many times but I don’t find the perfect lines to start my journey with the High-class energy and today on New Year of Gujarati’s (after Diwali) I got this fire inside me, This movie is helped me a lot to express my feelings through the words.

at 4:34 am I also Wrote this blog because of the energy and feeling that I got from this movie and from this special day.

What is the main resoin to start a blog?

There are 2 main reasons for me to start Blogging.

  1. I Want to Contribute to the world: I want to contribute to the world with the help of giving knowledge about the things that I know, that I have mastary in it.
  2. Personal Branding: By writing the blogs on my page I am creating my brand as a Funnel/ Automation Expert.

Why Blogging not Vlogging?

I don’t want to showcase my lifestyle to you that how I start my day or how I spend my days

I want to give some knowledge about the things that I know so as per me Blogging is the best way for me to starting.

Surely I have a plan of creating courses and all…

Who is Helin Patel?

So I am the guy behind this website

Civil Engineer, doing an Internship at the Company of Saurabh Bhatnagar @FlexiFunnels where My role is Testing and Designing of the software.

I started my Digital journey in 2019 with my first blog on Blogger after that I jumped into so many things and failed so many times as well

Which Type Of Content I will Put on this Website?

I have Experience in Funnel, website creation Email automation, Copywriting, sales, communication

so you will get all the benefits of this but majorly I will focus on Funnels, Copywriting, Communication, and Automation

Well That is for This Blog Stay Tuned for the New Blogs


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