You only get jealous of the people surrounding you, the people who add major value to your life.

in a positive or negative both ways

Helin Patel

Today I was scrolling through stories on my Instagram and found my best friend went to the 2022’s New Year Party with his other friends who called him for a night out.

I don’t celebrate New Year as other people do.
my celebration is eating “Cheez Masala Dhosa and Manchuriyan of Gajanand Hotel”. That’s my new year party.

Ok so now, I have seen his story and found girls around him, they stayed the whole night and did fun, bonfire, some games and all.
and I got jealous of him because I was not there, I was not doing that fun.

What is Jealousy?

if you are not able to achieve the thing that your closest one is achieved recently, that is jealousy.

Here is Blog 1 of my new daily blogging series “In My Life”.
It’s my personality.

this daily blogging comes to my mind when I watched “The Social Network” Movie where Mark is daily writing his life on the internet.
and also from Sourav Joshi vlogs who is I think 2 years posting vlogs on daily basis.


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