Consistency: I wasn’t able to be consistent for 4 days in 51 continuing Days!

Being consistent is the hardest thing to do but easiest thing to achive.

Helin Patel

Why did I say this?

I was quite consistent in 2020 and 2021 together learning toooooo many things and exploring a lot earning around 20k in 2 years.

I know it’s just a one-month salary for someone, but for me, that first Rupees also matters the most.

that was my first money, and from that money, I was able to go to Lonavala and Imagica by myself, even by asking for a single penny from my parents. my first self-money trip.

ok “Jara bhavnao me beh gaye (Hindi)” now back to the topic >>

Being Consistent is Hard: because you need to seat every single day even if you are healthy wealthy or broken-hearted. you need to do that one thing every single day, and it’s quite challenging for everyone who is going to start it.

but with that Bing Consistent, it is the easiest thing to achieve: because now you know every single day what one thing you have to do at any cost. and you will do it for sure, on time or before the time but you will do that for sure.

maybe it is reading a 1-page book every day, or writing a blog every day. no matter what happened you will do that for sure, and if you can’t able to do that you will realise that you missed your day.


imagine you are doing 10 to 100 things each day, you start so many things every day, maybe it’s reading a specific book, but you never completed it yet even after 6 months, 2 years!

It happens to me all the time, the work which I started I might not do it today also.

so many pending work, projects and Ideas.

But just only you do it consistently now you know what you have to do each day in a week, in a month, in a year.

so now the % of work you will cover on daily basis increased.

now you will do your work on time. you became productive even on a hectic day you will complete your task.

By writing this blog every day at night, now my mind tells me at midnight that I forgot to write a blog, and I wake up and write my blog even for 3 lines.

I am writing for the past 51 days, yup 4 days I didn’t write a single word. but I never write more than 20 posts on my blogs even in 2 years, and I am right now I guess what, my 52nd blog in just 51 days. (I wrote some more blogs on a same days so even after 4 layoff I was able to write 51 blogs in 51 days) and That’s the power of consistency.

Now goal to achieve 100 blogs without any layoff.


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