Saurav Joshi Vlogs

the number 1 Indian vlogger who so many children in India love,

where ever he goes people follow him and take photos of him

so many trolls and so many haters as well

but the love rate is almost 100%.

I also watched his video and noticed so many things about his storytelling, video edits, thumbnail, headlines, and other cool things.

All his videos are trending almost 2 videos are daily trending on youtube. and each video/ vlog gets 4 million minimum views.

it’s a fascinating thing to understand him.

he is not just famous by Piyush. (yes the key factor is him but not all).

I don’t know clearly the reason for being famous so crazy. but his dedication to vlogging for 2 years completely every single day. that’s the crazy thing

on my Instagram it’s not even 50 posts and he posted 1000+ videos in just 3 to 5 years and that’s crazy.

I am on internet from 2017s and see the numbers 50 posts vs 1000+ vlogs with good edits. (no comparison


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