Do what makes you happy or Do what needs the most?

There are 2 things that you can do actually for yourself to grow in life. you can do what makes you happy or you can do what need to do for your future.

In this day people are choosing happiness over the need including me. I also want to be happy and earn money.

and that’s even good right, that you are doing the thing which makes you happy and you are making money, examples would be gamers, though they are so much passionate about their game practising for 12, 14hrs a day on PC or Mobile, they love what they do.

no one need to motivate them for grinding for 12, 14hrs a day, they do it just by themself. and that’s the beauty of doing what makes you happy.

Now doing what needs the most would be too into the field that people know you are good at.

you know that you are good at that thing but you do not love to do it, you are just doing it because it’s needed then also it’s a win-win situation, most of the old generation + new generation businessman are doing what needs in the market most.

A great example would be Mukesh Ambani or Ambani Group, they are doing well in other sectors right,

but they looked into the telecom market, they felt the people of India need a better solution for their internet connection, more healthy plans so all people of India can access to the internet then JIO came into place.

before JIO came there are 350 RS for 1 or 2 GBs of Internet but after JIO you know what it is. out of 10 to 14 telecom service providers 10 broke down and shut their business down, and now in India, it’s just JIO, Airtel, VI and BSNL.

this is the power of need, “when you found hunger you will eat the lemon”. you have to have a hunger of success, other then you can’t take a bigger risk, you can’t win big even after choosing what needs to do over what makes you happy.

When you take happiness for your career it will not affect you much if you do not succeed, because you will love what you are doing then also. so it’s a safe side for the people.

but when you chose what need then you have to be successful at some point so you will get motivated for doing that, if not then you will live the life which everyone is living today.


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