Thinking about starting sharing blogs about Sales/ Marketing Funnels Now!

I don’t know if is it the right move or not.

but I want to start by polishing my funnel-building skills, to go deep into the funnels.

hoping by doing that I will be more focused on building funnels, than any other things.

This is also kind of inside of Helin Patel. I want to be the Best Funnel Designer & Funnel Builder in the world and for that, I need to have my basics supper clear right.

though this daily blogging is a kind of habit of mine now, so why not utilize this zone? for my personal + professional growth, I want to do this.

so now from the day, you will get content related to Funnels Sales Funnels/ Marketing Funnels or whatever you call it.


let’s jump into the first stage of Funnels.

What is Funnel?

Here I am not referring to the funnel which is used for filling liquid, here the funnel is a Path for our potential client.

It is the journey of your potential customer, from a visitor to a customer.

a sales funnel helps you to give the exact and easiest path to your potential customer to take action/ take their credit card and purchase.

People make it complex by using different tools and software but the funnel is in your day-to-day life

Ex. The Dentist

You will go to him/her for a free dental checkup

he refers to doing teeth cleaning – which problem commonly has for people. – this might be a $50 treatment

now Dr. will ask for a dental implant – which will cost around $1000

What’s that?

this is the path of many dentists in the world to get more sales. though they tell you the truth they are making money.

Dr. gave us a FREE Checkup to win our trust

then guided us for small treatment- getting more trust

now adding the upsell product (Upsell- Higher value product- I will give a detailed explanation tomorrow about it) as a dental implant.

He follows the 4 rules of Funnel:

  1. A- Attention
  2. I- Intrest
  3. D- Desire
  4. A- Action

this 4 rules also I will explain these it tomorrows blog ok

till then keep doing good things.


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