Ground Marketing/ Networking

Doing marketing on the field doesn’t look like doing marketing at all.

it’s just reaching out to the next person in simple words.

The response rate is also 60% or more every time even with 10 people. but the feeling of getting rejected is too hard.

I am doing online Marketing for my freelance projects and ground marketing for my construction chemicals companies and I found the most different way of connecting with people.

Online: there is just a 5 to 10% response rate

Offline: there are 50 to 70% response rate

but here is the catch in the offline market there are a lot more quality checks, and payment issues and where else on the online platform there is no quality or any major checking, ya payment issue there but not much as in the offline market.

Just one common thing about both the market is communication and networking.

Networking is everywhere. you go to one person he gives you a referral, you build more relations and it goes on its own way.


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