Handling Pressure…

you Can’t say bad words to your client—or harsh your client or blaming for some issues.

you have to be patient and try to calm yourself down and answer only when you are in the mentally stable stage.

if you say some bad things to them or argue with them

they might leave you and get his/ her shit done by other guys.

so be patient, try to handle pressure and calm yourself down.

I didn’t expect that in my freelance journey also I will feel this kind of pressure.

I think Freelance is the easiest way to do it.

but I was wrong, JOB Is kind of easy than a freelance job or maybe I am wrong at this though because I just explored a little part of Job and I know that even if I will make some mistakes there are 10s of people around me who can help me to get out of this.

but in freelance you are alone.

you have to do your shit all yourself.

you have to bleed.

you have to sweat.

I am not even now perfectly in my mood but ya this is a new experience.

have to grab it and learn from it quick.

this is the hidden fees of the freelance work.


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