I was failed 100s of times. but I like it.

Helin Patel

The best way to learn something is by just doing. even if it works or not.

you need to be ready to fail because you will get success after 100s of successfully failed attempts.

if you don’t get success yet you don’t reach the mark.

or not doing it with complete passion.

everything can be compromised in work, but your passion doesn’t.

Note: This is just my life overview. not the content which leads to some negativity.

I failed in every single thing that I started.

no success at the first go.

but in the long run your learning compounds, and you get real results.

if you cheat in it, common yar you are cheating to your own yourself!

failing is not a bad thing but failing again in the same field is a disaster.

so be authentic and real, because we can find success in a rain of failers.


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