How to use ChatGPT Effectively:

Source: OpenAI

Number 1 AI can’t even help you if you don’t know how to ask the right questions.

Helin Patel

Chat GPT is a crazy and booming tool these days.
and it is worth its popularity as well.
the way it answers all the questions. the way it learnt supper fast just like a Jarvis.

now how we can use it most effectively!

the answer is simple.
just ask the right question for your answer!

this looks simple, right?
no, it is not.

it’s just that simple. :)’

you just need to ask it like you are asking some 5 years old child.
I don’t know if it’s the right and the top best method or not
but it works for me.

I want to ask it about
“Getting Freelance Work.”

now just by typing this phrase, it will give us a good result.
but now I want to focus on my skills.
so I’ll write
“How to get Freelance work on LinkedIn for Graphic Designer?”

now I know how I can get it

but what next?
think about it
after getting processed now we need to pitch/Cold Mail/ Dming our potential clients.

so now
I’ll write,
“write a short linkedIn connection message to Mr. bill about pitching my graphic design service, also add a call to action”

now you will get what you want.

If not!
Don’t worry

Ask it more.

Do improvisation all the time.

There is no direct shortcut to getting things done.

you need to test it by your own self.

it works for me and might work for you or not.
but simple thing is that

You learned how to question AI here Right? from here

you need to ask questions about what you want.
tweak your message and question it again.
be most specific to get the best answer.


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