I am seeing myself on Forbes Cover Page at the age of 26.

Raj Shamani, the man with whom I was watching the growth together.

starting from 500K to 1.3 million today and 50K to 800+k on Youtube in just 1 and a half years or 2.

That’s crazy. his contact format is quite simple and easy to understand or he is making it in the simplest way, that is what I can’t say because some days it feels like he put a lot of effort to make it, or some days it feels like it’s just his thing to be presentable to the mark.

I am really influenced by him, the influencers that we want in our lives, not that type of influencer who is just pretending their fake lifestyle on Instagram. It’s their job to showcase themself, so no hard feelings for them but now I moved to the people who have fewer followers but making big impacts on people’s life. or growing at all stages of their life.

I am not putting too much effort to be on Forbes today. but it’s my belief and it’s my goal to make my life far ahead of any people in my group of mine.

I want to be the top guy in my college, be the highest-paid person in my 20s

I read Naval Ravikant’s story in “The Almanack of Naval Ravikant” he values his time with money.

$5000 for 1hrs of him means his day value is more than the best IT job holder in the USA. also if he just sleeps for 6hrs his sleep is worth $30,000. and that is the normal wage for USA-based workers. in India, it’s a dream job of any person who wants to live and here Naval thinks he is just sleeping with lakhs of people’s dreams :)’ Jocking…

Naval was not making money those days or making less but his vision is super clear. now he is bringing in more than $5000 every single hr.

so my goal is to make 1 Million $ before 21 Oct 2023

so my day value is $4000 and per hr, my value is $166.67

now if I sleep for 6hrs it means I spent $1000 while sleeping every day.

I know it’s not going to have happened but let’s take it.

let’s see how the future goes.

Dreaming out of the box to break boundaries

Helin Patel

that’s a new quote of mine.

dream big to get big


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