Valentines Day Special

Tomorrow it’s valentines day and I don’t have a single date but one girl that I like the most, that I want to spend some time with her will might give me an answer to my proposal. and I already know that it’s 100% no, but there is a 0% chance that she will say yes to me. so let’s see what will be her answer would be.

other than this day wasn’t productive, I watched 2 movies + many more videos and so much dull stuff which turned my mood off from work.

I am not productive the way I was in June 2022 or in 2021. 2021s Helin is something different, he has the fire to learn fire to grow. and today’s helin has a fire to burn his desire, burn his dreams.

But the old Helin the real one will come out of the body soon.


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