I’m just wasting my golden time.

Honestly every day I used to calm myself down, saying that I could do it, I will do it, I’m just misleading my mom, my dad, my own self that I am doing something

my mom is noticing this, and I also know all of this but then also I don’t react to it.

Reaching out to different people is something like not my game.

so I need to bare with the price, I need to come on Fiverr and Upwork to do my work.

but I set a goal so I need to fulfil it, I need to make $1500 or $3000 this week now, to prove my self. no not to prove my self to be in a flow of working.

I just waste a lot of my time using my phone. I just watch random stuff Playground and all which will not give me any money to fulfil my needs.

so 2 strategy plans

  1. reach out
  2. Fiverr as a graphic designer.

That’s it.

and Helin please do something na bhai

jahaz ko chalane use dariya main utarna padta he

Helin Patel


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