Yesterday on the 3rd fab it was Vastupoojan at my friend’s house and the day was completely spent with friends from 7 am to 8 pm

so it’s a totally off day of mine.

but the day is something that I also can’t forget because yesterday I was in the zone of making people happy with my stories, and my comic and it went so well.

I gave smile on the face of each people who met me I guess today.

The day started at 5:49 am with one of my other friend’s call for decoration work at an event place

we went and did our work & then came to attend the event and spent a whole day with just friends 5hr min phone usage but 2hr of YT Watch is midnight watching so on 3rd fab in the day time I used 3hrs for calling and some insta scrolls.

the most fun part started after the afternoon when one school friend(girl) came to the event and I became a storyteller all of them did too many stories and laughed, and recognized old school days.

The day was super fun

but now on the 4th fab, I need to start my next day

Day 4.

also, I am proud of myself today because I just realised that I didn’t post a blog and I woke up at 1:30 am at midnight of 4th Fab and writing a blog, it’s fun.

Ok now let’s jump into working mode.


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