Money Can Buy Happiness.

Money Can Buy Happiness. If not then why do most poor people want to make more money?

Helin Patel

People who struggle a lot to make money, or can’t make money after doing his/her daily shit will always brag about the topic of “money can’t buy happiness”.

Yes at certain point money can’t buy you happiness.
but in basic needs and wants, you have to buy most of the things you want or need. for your better life, better health, better well-being, better entertainment, and better technology.

all things require money and it will buy you happiness for sure.
and I am a believer in that.
90% of things which we want are based on money.
You want to live in a luxury house or a basic apartment. you need money to buy it.
you want to travel to different countries or a new city. you want money to spend.
you want to wear luxury cloth or basic clothes. you need money to buy
you want the best health care for your love once(you will not look cheaper option if it comes to the life perspective of your closed ones even if it cost you your entire life’s money you will spend all of it) and for that, if you have a good amount of money you can have access to the best doctors in the world.

So from your basic needs to your wants, money will help you to live a better and more secure life.

If you want it you have to love money.
because money can buy happiness.


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