I am Proudly Hindu.

Helin Patel

Hey All, I am Helin Patel and I’m Hindu.

Today I spent around 1 and a half hr scrolling reels (of @kalkiya_ ) just on the topic of Sanātana Dharma.

I felt so proud to see content like this spreading towards the world so fluently now.

I Respect all Dharma but I genuinely feel that I have the best Dharma. My Hindu Dharma, My Sanātana Dharma. Because my dharma doesn’t just quote things. my dharma proves all the things and quotes using science.

I am not the perfect guy who can give knowledge on Hinduesum or Sanātana Dharma

I am just a person who loves his dharma, loves his Bhagavan (My God) and who respects the culture.

I am so happy to say you that India is changing now. people will follow Indian culture more than at anytime this decade.

all Indians, all Hindus will understand the science behind the rituals, the science behind the puja and all the things that they are doing.

I am sure that after the end of this decade, all people in India will have Gita Gyan. and in that process, I will also add my small hands to give GITA GYAN TO 1CR New People.

I want to and it over here.

this day I’m kind of spreading vibes of my culture.

I will make sure that My Indian, Hindu Sanskruti will be reborn now.

and we learn all Ved purans. not just English education.

I am Helin Patel.

and this is my commitment to give GITA To 1cr New People

for that, I need to make a course I will make (GIVE IT TO FREE LIFETIME 100%).

I brag all the time about bigger things because I want to do the bigger thing.


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