Perfection helped me to kill my dreams. and that’s true.

Helin Patel

Yes, it’s true,
perfection killed my dreams so many times
I was the perfectionist guy (today also, I follow perfection more on production) which kills me a lot of time.
I was in the Digital field for almost 2 years but the results I got from it are too few, and one of the core reasons is perfection.
I was always preferring perfection overproduction. so I was producing less and other than those who started with me was producing more than focusing on perfection.
and honestly, in the service field, you do not need to be the perfect guy.
you need to be the guy who can help people to solve their problems. if it’s solved then you will get paid, you will get recognition, and you will get the glory.

That’s it
so if you are also a perfectionist guy
it’s good to have a mindset like that, but production/ creation/ providing more is the most important thing. and that only will give you more exposure.


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