If you know someone who struggles with mental health, go and listen to them.

Helin Patel

Today mental health is so important, the problems related to it occur more than in any decades.
we need to talk more about mental health and depression.

Today I watched the movie “Qala” it’s on Netflix.
Qala is the story of a girl who wants to prove to her mom that she is also can do / can achieve the same thing that his son could do. and for doing that what she did and how her mental health harmed her is the core concept of the movie.
great movie, that explains horrifically how mental health can harm us.

What do we need to do then?
just a simple thing, if we have some mental traumas we should talk to our parents or close ones. and if we feel someone having the same then we approach them and ask about their situation and listen to them completely.
and if feels that their health is getting worse and worse then we will make sure to take them to the physiatrist


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