Upsell & AIDA Formula

Upsell is just another set of products with a higher price/value.

you can have a lot of upsells in a single funnel.

For example, buying a T-shirt, the shoppe keeper asks for pants, shoes, and coats.

this process is called upselling.

Now, What is AIDA Formula?

A- Attention

I- Intrest

D- Desire

A- Action

This is the basis for each funnel to work well.

1st is Attention: to grab people’s attention through eye-catchy headlines, design and offers.

after that 2nd stage is to build Intrest in our visitor’s Minds using adding more value with the no-brainer offer

this no-brainer offer will create desire in the visitor’s minds and getting him/her from visitor to buyer mode.

Mostly this AIDA formula is used in every funnel build without any hesitation.


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