Your Identity starts from your parents!

Complete the credit goes to my Nana (grandfather)

Took yourself in the mainframe in your eye.
you are identified by your parents
now your Grandfather is because your parents are their child.
Your Uncles wife and your Aunty are because of your Uncle because he married him.
The same goes for your Mama (Your Mothers’ Brother)
now your Mama is your mama just because he is your mom’s brother.
your Bhabhi is just because of your brother.
your brother is because of your parents.
every relationship depends on someone else to quote the same relation.

Now think
Your Mother is just because of your Father to you?
Or Your Father is just because of your Mother to you?

Quite Confusing right?

Think more about it.
Does it make sense?
Does your mom directly depend on your father to be your mother?
Does your father directly depends on your mother to be your father?

No Right!
it’s maybe the same
or it’s super confusing.

I can’t able to quote it in words. so it looks more complex.
but the way my Nana asked us this it feels something different.

your whole identity just depends on your parents. but your parents don’t directly depend on each other to be your parents.
it’s an equaliser.


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