Experience at Groww event: Ab India Karega Invest

You need to be the fastest doer than thinker.

Helin Patel

Moment of the month:

I got a gift from GROWW at an event of Ab India Karega Invest in my city Valsad.

Got a Book As a Gift By Groww
Boys at the event

The Day started with supper low efforts, 0 work.

No learnings

No Progress

Just wasting a time.

but from the afternoon 2 day changed.

I went to my factory for clearing orders and cleaning some stuff.

then went home

A friend calls me and I went to the Event of GROWW at our city Valsad.

Now the Fun part started over here

I got a gift from GROWW for posting a story on my profile and Twitter.

I got selected by 5 people out of 25 entries and got the amazing book.

I listen to the audiobook the Physiology of money but this is not just about getting a book this is about getting a book in front of live people.

it feels like a haven.

you must try it.

grab the opportunity when it comes to you

don’t miss it

your Instagram story would no one even care about it. and who cares about is going to forget the whole story after 3 months max.

so chill post whatever you want

it’s your platform, not others.

you are not paying rent to be on socials.

you are just there because you want to be there.

Thank you GROWW for the wonderful gift

and wonderful event.

Hope I’ll Invest more in the next couple of months.

and also they gave us a Tshirt, which I am wearing at this time while writing it on 22 Jan 2023

I have something more to tell you about Mcdonald’s which I will share with you the next day.


I am supper happy today:)’

Helin Patel

PS: Got 5 things for FREE Today: Event, High tea, Tshirt, Book, Coco Refill for 3 times at Mcdonald’s


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